Tania Noakes

Tania Noakes

IFMGA Mountain & Ski Guide

When not away on expedition, British guide Tania Noakes can be found guiding and climbing around the European Alps from her home in Chamonix, France. Tania loves helping others and sharing her skills, so guiding was a natural progression in her career.

  • Bio

    Tania Noakes Web ProfileOriginally from Essex in the UK, Tania now lives in the heart of the European Alps, the Chamonix Valley in France. She started climbing in 1992 and with a love of the outdoors, the landscape and the physical and mental challenge of climbing Tania soon found herself sharing and teaching her skills with friends and this eventually progressed to guiding. She began guiding in 2002, and after much hard work in 2013 gained full certification with the IFMGA. When asked about what she enjoys most about guiding Tania said she enjoys the process of helping people reach their goals, the teamwork, the adventure and the conversations that are had along the way.

    While Tania works mostly in the European Alps, she has also guided on international expeditions to South America and the Himalaya. She also enjoys writing and poetry and recently penned this article for the BMC.

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  • Notable Ascents

    Having climbed throughout the European Alps and around the world including the Himalaya there are two standout expeditions for Tania:

    • Cassin Route on Denali (22 1/2 hrs)
    • 83 day ski traverse of the European Alps in Winter 2015
  • International Expeditions

    • Aconcagua, Argentina 6,962m
    • Illimani, Bolivia 6,439m
    • Alpamayo, Argentina 5,917m
    • Huascaran, Peru 6,768m
    • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 5,895m
    • Mount Kenya, Kenya 5,199m
    • Island Peak, Nepal  6,189m
    • Lobuche East, Nepal 6,119m