Gabriel Mazur

IFMGA Mountain & Ski Guide

Gabriel began climbing at the age of 16 and has never looked back. A fully qualified IFMGA Climbing and Ski Guide, Gabriel also spent several years as a coach for competitive climbing in the UK before joining the AC team, where he has proved a popular guide in Europe, New Zealand and the Himalaya.

Gabriel joined our guiding team in 2014, spending time guiding in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. His home however is the heart of the European Alps, Chamonix, so you may find yourself joining trips with Gabriel in Europe, New Zealand or the Himalaya!

Originally from Northern Slovakia, Gabriel started climbing in 1995, at age 16. Starting on sport rock he moved quickly to long trad routes and then a natural extension of his climbing was to mixed ground, ridges and winter climbing.

An interest in how the mind works in general, and particularly under stress, led Gabriel to the Association of Higher Tibetan Studies in France where he studied and trained in meditation for 9 years. This has helped in his climbing and guiding as he says ‘I like to specialise in fear management and mental preparation.’

Following his studies, he worked as a climbing instructor and coach for competitive climbing in the UK for four years before relocating to Chamonix, so that he could take advantage of all the climbing, skiing and mountaineering on his doorstep.

Gabriel revels in the sense of wonderment that comes with being in the mountains and he loves to share that experience with those he guides.

He is a UIAGM/IFMGA Climbing & Ski Guide and a member of the CMGA (Czech Mountain Guide Association).


"Our guide, Gabriel Mazur, was excellent, capable, knowledgeable and entertaining. We strongly recommend him to anybody."


"Gabriel Mazur is an excellent guide - highly competent, professional - looked out for everyone, informative and fun to be with. He set a relaxed style for trip, allowing everyone to go at their own speed, without pressure, and this worked out well for everyone."

Brian Fay, United States/UK
Island Peak