Pathway to Everest

Your guide to success on Everest
View across to the West Ridge of Everest, the Khumbu Glacier and Everest Base Camp

At Adventure Consultants we are focused on seeing all expedition members succeed. We also know that success cannot be achieved without the right preparation and sadly, there are no shortcuts to this!  Our suggested training progression has had excellent results for previous climbers on their quest to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain.

History tells us that the more experience a climber has had at altitude, the greater their chance of success on Mount Everest. We do appreciate that all progressions are dependent on time and finance available; hence we are able to work with you to develop a program specific to your goals.

Check out the suggested progression below and talk to our team about how we can help get you onto your pathway to Everest!


Introductory Mountaineering Course

It's important to start with the development of robust technical mountaineering skills. From mastering snow, rock, and ice climbing to honing rope handling, glacier travel, and crevasse rescue skills, a solid foundation is crucial. If you haven't undergone a mountaineering instruction course, consider it your initial step.

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The mountaineering course for people looking to up-skill for high-altitude or polar expeditions. Tailored to dial down on the skills you need to focus on. Read More


Mountaineering Ascents

Short duration mountaineering ascents should be a regular part of your training, building up 'time in the hills' increases your overall mountaineering experience. 

Climb the Matterhorn of the South, New Zealand's majestic Tititea, Mount Aspiring on this 5-day mountaineering adventure. Read More

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Climb the highest peak in the European Alps, Mont Blanc with the Chamonix based Adventure Consultants IFMGA qualified guide Read More


6,000m and 7,000m Expeditions

Following the development of your ‘foundation’ in mountaineering skills on an instruction course, we recommend climbing glaciated mountains in the 6,000–7,000 m range. Examples of mountains that will ensure a good introduction to high altitude climbing are ascents such as Island Peak, Lobuche East, Mera Peak or our Three Peaks expeditions in Nepal, followed by consolidation on climbs such as Denali in North America, Aconcagua in South America or Peak Lenin in Kyrgyzstan. Achieving both Denali and Aconcagua are commonly seen as appropriate prerequisites for then attempting Mount Everest, yet do not involve a major time commitment as each expedition being only 3-weeks in duration.

A non-technical, but challenging climb, Island Peak is the ideal 'next step' for aspiring alpinists looking to build their experience at altitude. Read More

Climb South America's highest peak Aconcagua, the perfect choice for those wishing to build experience in high-altitude mountaineering. Read More

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8,000m Expedition

To be fully prepared for Mount Everest, we also suggest climbers scale one of the 'easier' 8,000 m peaks. This will give you the chance to fine tune your skills and equipment, and this can make the critical difference on Mount Everest on summit day. It also allows you to discover how you personally cope with extreme altitude without committing to the time and expense of Mount Everest itself. Climbing above 8,000 m is never easy though!

Experience the thin air of 8,000m on the world's 6th highest peak, Cho Oyu, an ideal stepping stone to Everest and other 8,000m peaks. Read More

Mount Manaslu, is the world's eighth-highest mountain, reaching a lofty 8,163m/26,781ft. We climb Manaslu via the North-East Face along moderately-angled snow slopes before a steep snow arête takes us to the summit for magnificent views across the Himalaya. Read More

Climb the world's 7th highest mountain, Dhaulagiri 8167m, on this achievable, remote & spectacular professionally-led expedition. Read More


Mount Everest

Putting in the hard work and gaining the appropriate mountaineering skills and fitness prior to attempting Mount Everest means you've set yourself up for the best chance of success!

The ultimate adventure. Climb with the most experienced operator on the mountain. Read More

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