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Cover all the skills you need on the Chamonix Expedition Course
Chamonix Expedition Course
Jan - Dec 2024
Chamonix, France
Climbing Route d'Entreves in the European Alps
Europe Private Instruction Course
Jan - Dec 2024
Chamonix, France
Looking across dense vegetation towards the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Jan - Dec 2024
Arusha, Tanzania
A team of happy climbers pose with the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro clear from cloud behind them.
Kilimanjaro Luxury
May 2024 - April 2025
Arusha, Tanzania
Enjoying the best of European Alps climbing conditions
Europe Ascents Week
May - Oct 2024
Chamonix, France
Approaching Mont Blanc summit
Mont Blanc
Jun - Sept 2024
Chamonix, France
Training for the unexpected - learning crevasse rescue techniques
Chamonix Advanced Mountaineering Course
Jun - Sept 2024
Chamonix, France
Two climbers roped together high in the alps, steep glaciated terrain surrounds.
Europe Pre-Course & Acclimatisation Program
Jun - Sept 2024
Chamonix, France
Reaching the summit of Mont Blanc is a life highlight
Mont Blanc Course and Ascent
Jun - Sept 2024
Chamonix, France
The jagged peaks of Mount Kenya rise above the exotic equatorial flora of the surrounding moorlands.
Mt Kenya
Jun - Sept 2024
Nairobi, Kenya