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Adventure Consultants have been helping mountaineers achieve the world's most celebrated climb since 1990, with 372 successful summits! Here we showcase those remarkable individuals that have taken on the challenge of Everest with AC over the last 35 years.

Overall Statistics by Country
Australia - 10 Including first mother-daughter team to summit (2008)
Austria - 2
Belgium - 3 Including both the first Belgian climber to summit Everest (1990) and the first Belgian woman (1992)
Brazil - 1 First Brazilian woman to summit Everest (2006)
Canada - 5
Denmark - 1
Finland - 2 Including the first Finnish climber to summit Everest (1993)
Germany - 3
Hong Kong - 1 First climber from Hong Kong to summit Everest (1992)
Iceland - 4
Ireland - 6
Israel - 1 First Israeli climber to summit Everest (1992)
Japan - 1
Macedonia - 1
Japan - 1
Nepal - 217
Norway - 1 First to reach Everest and the two Poles (1994)
New Zealand - 46
Peru - 1 First Peruvian woman to summit Everest (2016)
Poland - 1
Singapore - 1
Sweden - 4 Including the first Swedish climber to summit Everest (1990)
Switzerland - 2
Tanzania - 1 First Tanzanian climber to summit Everest (2012)
United Kingdom - 15
United States - 40
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23 May Ang Dorjee Sherpa, Nepal/USA (22nd summit); Anna Ott, Germany; Cris Salomon, USA; Lisa Jelly, United Kingdom; 
Rebecca Heah, Australia; Chewang Dorji Sherpa, Nepal (15th summit); Da Chiri Sherpa, Nepal (1st summit); Lhakpa Chiring Sherpa, Nepal (7th summit); Nima Chiri Sherpa, Nepal (15th summit); Pasang Bhote, Nepal (12th summit); Pasang Rinji Sherpa, Nepal (1st summit); Sanduk Dorji Tamang, Nepal (14th summit).


23 May Ang Dorjee Sherpa, Nepal/USA (20th summit); Rob Kelso-Smith, Ireland (6th summit); Leifer Svavarsson, Iceland (2nd summit); Lýdur Gudmundsson, Iceland; Sophie Hilaire, USA; Greg Johnson, UK/Australia; Alexander Pancoe, USA; Roman Tschupp, Switzerland; Pasang Angchu Bhote, Nepal (3rd summit); Dawa Bhote, Nepal (4th summit); Guru Bhote, Nepal (2nd summit); Passang Bhote, Nepal (11th summit); Nima Chhiring Sherpa, Nepal (10th summit); Chheten Dorji Sherpa, Nepal (7th summit); Chhewang Dorji Sherpa, Nepal (12th summit); Da Geljen Sherpa, Nepal; Pemba Sherpa, Nepal (3rd summit); Rinjin Sherpa, Nepal (6th summit); Dawa Wongchu Sherpa, Nepal (4th summit).


13 May (Rope fixing team): Da Thuk Bhote,
Nepal (4th summit); Tenjing Geljen Sherpa, Nepal (4th summit). 16 May Guy Cotter, New Zealand (5th summit); Leow Kah Shin, Singapore; Pasang Bhote, Nepal (9th summit); Nima Chhiring Sherpa, Nepal (9th summit); Pemba (Prakash) Sherpa, Nepal. 19 May Rob Kelso-Smith, Ireland (4th summit); Lydia Bradey, New Zealand (5th summit); Mike Davies, New Zealand; 
Gary Ervin, USA; Brad Horn, Australia; Robin Moore, USA; Michael Read, New Zealand; Penny Webster, New Zealand; 
Rinji Sherpa, Nepal (5th summit); Cheten Dorjie Sherpa, Nepal (5th summit); Chhiring Namgel Sherpa, Nepal (5th summit); 
Dawa Wongchu Sherpa, Nepal (2nd summit); Chhewang Dorjee, Nepal (10th summit); Kaljang Dorjee Sherpa, Nepal (12th summit); Phura Dorjee Sherpa, Nepal; Rinjen Palden Sherpa, Nepal (2nd summit); Guru Bhote, Nepal; Pemba Nuru, Nepal 
(2nd summit); Pasang Angiu Bhote, Nepal (2nd summit); Pemba Sherpa, Nepal; Mingma Tenjing Sherpa, Nepal (2nd summit).

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