Mt Sidley

Sidley Base Camp, tents and a twin otter plane.
On the summit of Mt Sidley, highest volcano in Antarctica
Huge mushroom ice formations on Sidley

Soaring high above the polar ice cap at over 4,000m/14,000ft, Mount Sidley is Antarctica’s highest volcano and one of the Volcanic Seven Summits, comprised of the highest volcanoes on each of the seven continents.

Boasting a huge caldera and giant, other-worldly snow mushrooms jutting from the summit ridge, this expedition will satisfy your desire to really discover the Antarctic interior by standing on the summit of a remote and rarely climbed peak.

Mount Sidley is one of the most remote summits on earth, jutting 2,225m/7,300ft out of the polar ice cap to a summit elevation of over 4,000m.First summited only in 1990 by New Zealander Bill Atkinson, the mountain did not see its second ascent until 2010 and even today many lines remain unclaimed. With its fantastical snow formations, gaping caldera and sheer walled amphitheater, this is an expedition of expeditions.

  • Climb one of the Volcanic Seven Summits
  • Join the very few to have stood atop Antarctica's highest volcano
  • Experience the blue ice of the upper slopes and massive caldera within

Climbing Ability

Climbing Ability







16 days





Meet in Punta Arenas, Chile


Weighing & loading of gear

Expedition briefing

Fly to Union Glacier, Antarctica

DAY 5 - 6

Expedition preparations


Fly to Mount Sidley Base Camp

DAY 8 - 13

Climb Mount Sidley

DAY 14

Return to Union Glacier

DAY 15

Depart for Punta Arenas

DAY 16

Leave for home destination


Flights to and from Antarctica are subject to weather. Delays can and often do occur therefore it is important to allow some flexibility with airline travel arrangements at the end of the expedition.

Map of Mt Sidley, Antarctica

Departures and Pricing

Note: Dates are subject to change due to many factors out of our control
Start/End Pricing Book
27 Dec - 11 Jan 2025 $69,500 USD $ Book Now
7 Jan - 22 Jan 2025 $69,500 USD $ Book Now

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The need for exceptional physical fitness cannot be over-emphasised. A regular, strenuous programme must be followed for many months to achieve the level of fitness required. We recommend a training programme tailored to mountaineering such as the 24-week plan from Uphill Athlete.

Team members need to be physically fit, have strong mental stamina and be capable of strenuous exercise in a cold environment for several days. You can expect to be exerting yourself for about 6–8 hours per day (10–12 hours on summit day).

You must be capable of carrying 15kg in your pack and be able to haul an additional 25kg on a sled when moving to the Low Camp and around 18-25kg in your pack climbing to High Camp. The expedition is unsupported, meaning that there is no porter support. You must be capable of carrying your personal gear plus your fair share of any group equipment up and down the mountain.

All team members will also be expected to assist in putting up and breaking camps, and help out with meal-making while on the mountain.

Technical Experience

Climbers should be proficient in basic mountaineering skills (ice axe and crampon use, self-arrest), glacier travel as part of a roped team, crevasse rescue training, and have snow camping and cold weather experience. You should be familiar with long days on steep terrain carrying big loads.

Previous mountaineering experience on multiple glaciated peaks such as Mont Blanc, Mount Aspiring, Island Peak or Mount Rainier is required.

Altitude Experience

Previous experience climbing at altitude is helpful, although not required. Climbers with experience on other high, cold mountains such as Denali, Vinson or Mount Logan will find that experience beneficial.

A plane at Mt Sidley Base Camp
Why Adventure Consultants?

Adventure Consultants is renowned for the quality of its service and strategy applied to high altitude expedition climbing and polar travel. Our reputation is attributed to meticulous planning and experienced logistics coordination. We have a philosophy of investing in every expedition to offer our climbers the best possible chance of success.

We employ strong and specialised expedition leaders and support staff, whom are some of the most pre-eminent in the industry. We pride ourselves on operating with small teams, the best back-up and support available. This includes nutritious and ample quantities of food, comfortable base camp facilities, reliable communications systems and the necessary medical back up.

Many of our expedition members come to us because they have seen us in action on a previous trip and decide to opt for our level of service and proven experience. Others return because they know we do our very best to make expeditions safe and successful.

Two climbers on the Sidley Caldera

The price of your trip includes the following:

  • Flights to and from Union Glacier in Antarctica
  • Flights from Union Glacier to Mount Sidley Base Camp and return
  • All group climbing equipment
  • All expedition organisational requirements
  • Tents and food while in Antarctica
  • Mountain guides
  • Use of the expedition satellite telephone for outgoing calls
  • Dispatch web page updated throughout the trip for friends & family to follow
  • Transport of 23kg of personal equipment.
The icy summit of Mt Sidley, Antarctica

If you want to climb remote, you can't get much more remote than Mt Sidley!

A team on Mt Sidley summit in cloud.

Of the 7 highest volcanoes in the world, Mt Sidley is the most challenging.

Heads down and legs moving! Two climbers grind their way up the slopes of Mount Sidley.

It's not walking off the map, we have maps, but it's pretty close to it!

Climbers make their way up through Sidley's unusual mushroom ice formations

"I can’t recommend the company more highly, for your professionalism, organisation, level of communication before, during and after the expedition, level of experience of the guides, safety record, systems."

Mareike Miller, Australia
A climber on the slopes of Sidley with the expanse of Antarctica below.

"Adventure Consultants has a unique story associated with legendary NZ climbers and it was nice to be a small part of that story."

Richard Young, New Zealand
A snowy Ojos del Salado summit

Another volcanic summit? Climb the world's highest active volcanoOjos del Salado with Adventure Consultants.

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