Pablo Gurrieri

International Mountain Guide
Pablo Gurrieri

Argentinian guide Pablo Gurrieri is a popular guide on our Aconcagua expeditions, being not only a strong expedition leader but also a great companion in the mountains.

Pablo is a qualified EPGAMT Mountain Guide and with over 20 years experience as a high mountain guide and physical education teacher. He has spent many years climbing in the Andes and is renowned for his sense of humour, ensuring your expedition is both safe and enjoyable.

Pablo Gurrieri4

"Both Pablo and Popi exhibited excellent leadership on the mountain, they were integral to a successful expedition."

Dean Doyle & Susan Mullins, Canada / Aconcagua
Pablo Gurrieri5

"Pablo is just simply the best. Will stay in touch with him for a lifetime."

Jaymie Secord, Canada / Aconcagua
Pablo Gurrieri2

"The guides (Pablo and Cani) were exceptional with remarkable experience and knowledge."

Shika Raju, Australia / Aconcagua