Popi Spagnuoli

EPGAMT Mountain Guide
Popi Spagnuoli2

Popular Popi has been climbing in her native Argentina for many years and is a stalwart of the AC South American team. Her wealth of experience on Aconcagua makes her a much sought after member on any expedition team.

Popi Spagnuoli is an Argentine native with an impressive Aconcagua CV, having scaled the mountain 26 times. If that's not enough, in 2005 she become the first woman to achieve a winter ascent of South America's highest peak - and that was before she'd even turned 30!

Popi is an EPGAMT Mountain Guide who loves exploring mountains across the world. These days she splits her time in the mountains with being a mum to her son Thomas.

Popi Spagnuoli4

"Popi is amazing. She was so kind and helpful. She provides great reassurance along the way especially when it comes to pace and how I was performing. Thank you Popi, I could not have made it without your support."

Kelly Bennetto, New Zealand / Aconcagua
Popi Spagnuoli5

"Popi was enthusiastic, engaged, easy to approach and tuned-in to the nuances of the group dynamic."

Lacy Shelby, United States / Aconcagua
Popi Spagnuoli6

"Popi was an absolute legend. Her meal prep was amazing and she was really good at subtly motivating us."

Ben Rayfield, Australia / Aconcagua