Mark Puleio

Mark Puleio

IFMGA Mountain & Ski Guide

A passionate skier, Mark’s mountain interests have led him to alpine climbing across the Alps, the Andes and North America, extensive rock and ice climbing throughout the US and Canada, and multiple high altitude expeditions.

  • Bio

    IMG 3774Mark is a native New Englander who has always been passionate about skiing, a calling which naturally led him towards a life in the mountains. With a decade of guiding and climbing instructing plus a degree in Wilderness Leadership under his belt, Mark completed his full guide certification in 2008, becoming an internationally licensed IFMGA/UIAGM guide, the highest achievement for mountain guides worldwide.

    Mark loves to fill his days with all sorts of wilderness travel, from river and sea kayaking to backpacking for up to 30 days at a time in the field. Viewing guiding more as a lifestyle than a career, Mark is easily able to sustain his passion for working in the mountains. This also keeps his relationship with his clients fresh and exciting and ensures time to balance family life with his “office” in the hills.

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  • Notable Ascents


    North America

    • Denali, West Buttress, Alaska (6,190m/20,308ft)
    • Crescent Towers, BC Traverse W-E, Buggaboos, Canada (2,844m/9,330ft)
    • Hound’s Tooth, BC NW Face, Buggaboos, Canada (2,819m/9,250ft)
    • Castle Mt, Eisenhower Tower, IV 5.4, Rockies, Canada (2,752m/9,029ft)
    • Castle Mt, Brewers Buttress, IV 5.6, Rockies, Canada (2,752m/9,029ft)
    • Mt Aberdeen, North Face, Rockies, Canada (3,152m/10,342ft)
    • Mt Athabasca, Silverhorn, Canada (3,491m/11,453ft)
    • Mt Washington, NH Huntington Gully, USA (1,917m/6,288ft)
    • Mt Baker, North Ridge, USA (3,286m/10,781ft)
    • Mt Forbidden, NW face to N Ridge, USA (2,687m/8,815ft)
    • Mount Shuksan, Fischer Chimneys, SE to NE Ridge, USA (2,782m/9,127ft)
    • Mount Stewart, West Ridge, USA (2,870m/9,415ft)

    South America

    • Cotopaxi, Ecuador (5,897m/19,347ft)
    • Nev. Pisco, Peru, SW Ridge, 3 times (5,785m/18,980ft)
    • Pequeño Alpamayo, WSW Ridge, Bolivia (5,370m/17,618ft)
    • Huayna Potosi, Bolivia (6,088m/19,974ft)
    • Charquini, West Glacier, Bolivia (5,392m/17,690ft)
    • Vallunaraju, SW Ridge, Peru 4 times (5,715m/18,750ft)
    • Ishinka Traverse, Peru, 2 times (5,566m/18,262ft)
    • Tocllaraju, Peru (6,087m/19,970ft)
    • Urus, Peru (5,494m/18,024ft)
    • Artesonraju, South Face, Peru (6,025m/19,767ft)
    • Yanapaqcha, SW Face, Peru, 2 times 5,458 17,908
    • Maparaju, SW Face, Peru 5,325 17,470
    • Chopicalci, SW ridge, Peru 6,400 20,998
    • Huapi, SW Face to ridge, Peru 5,419 17,780
    • Pico de Orizaba, Mexico 5,644 18,517


    • Mt Blanc, via Gouter and Tos Montets routes many times, France (4,807m/15,771ft)
    • Eiger (3,970m/13,025ft)
    • Matterhorn (4,478m/14,691ft)
    • Mt Blanc du Tacul, France (4,248m/13,937ft)
    • La Pointe Trifide, SW Ridge, France (3,450m/11,319ft)
    • Aiguille du Midi, via Frendo Spur on the North face, Arete des Cosmiques, Contamine and Rebuffet routes on the South Face, France (3,842m/12,605ft)
    • La Tour Rond, North Face, France (3,792m/12,441ft)
    • Aiguille de Toule, N and NW faces, France (3,538m/11,608ft)
    • Aiguille d'Entrèves Traverse, France (3,604m/11,824ft)
    • Point Lachenal traverse with Valle Blanche Traverse, France (3,613m/11,854ft)
    • Castor, WNW Flank, Switzerland (4,223m/13,855ft)
    • Pollux, West Flank, Switzerland (4,092m/13,425ft)
    • Breithorn Traverse, Switzerland (4,154m/13,629ft)
    • Grand Paradiso, West and NW Flank routes, Italy (4,061m/13,323ft)
  • Qualifications

    • AMGA Rock Instructor Course, N. Conway, NH 2005
    • AMGA Rock Guides Course, Red Rocks, NV 2006
    • AMGA Alpine Guides Course, Alaska 2003
    • AMGA Advanced Alpine Guides Course, Canada 2005
    • AMGA Ski Mountaineering Guides Course, La Grave, France 2007
    • AMGA Certified Rock Guide, Red Rocks, NV 2006
    • AMGA Certified Alpine Guide, N. Cascades, WA 2007
    • AMGA Certified Ski Mountaineering Guide, Chamonix, France 2008
    • IFMGA/UIAGM Certified Mountain Guide, Chamonix 2008
    • CAA Certified Level I Avalanche Training, Canada 1993
    • AIARE Certified Level III Avalanche Training, Utah 2007
    • Wilderness First Responder 5 years Professional Ski Patrol Experience