Celebrating on South America's highest mountain, Aconcagua
Dawn high on Aconcagua
Upper slopes of Aconcagua
AC Guide Ang Dorjee Sherpa on Mount Aconcagua with his clients trekking through the snow penitentes to Camp 1.

Aconcagua, “The Sentinel of Stone” is the highest peak outside of the Himalaya. Located in Western Argentina - the heart of the Central Andes, it is South America’s highest peak and one of the much sought after Seven Summits.

While it is a very physical climb, it is one of the more achievable Seven Summits. An ascent of this eminent Andean Peak is a perfect choice for those wishing to experience high-altitude expedition mountaineering and is often undertaken as a preparation climb for the big mountains in the Himalaya. The lessons gained about how you perform and the skills taught by the guides will establish robust guidelines for any future aspirations you have at high altitude.

Adventure Consultants offers high-quality expeditions to Aconcagua and we achieve a superior success rate due to our logistical approach and our understanding of acclimatisation techniques for climbing at high altitude. We have factored in the ideal number of days for the trip to encourage adequate acclimatisation and a realistic timeframe to achieve summit success. Our guides are seasoned veterans who are focused on encouraging you to achieve maximum satisfaction and learning from this ascent.

We climb Aconcagua via the 360° traverse route as it is less visited and features the best campsites. By traversing Aconcagua you will also get to see both sides of the mountain and complete a circular journey.

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  • The scenic 360° route traverses the mountain
  • Ideal preparation for Himalayan high-altitude climbing
  • Porter support included
  • Realistic proven timeframe for the ascent and acclimatisation through better leadership and logistics

Climbing Ability

Climbing Ability







19 days





Arrive into Mendoza this morning or the day prior


Complete permitting process and drive to Puente del Inca 2,740m/8,990ft, overnight


Trek to Pampa de Leñas 2,950m/9,680ft


Trek to Casa de Piedra 3,250m/10,650ft


Trek to Plaza Argentina Base Camp 4,200m/13,800ft


Rest day / Trek to Cerro Colorado 4,724m/15,499ft

Carry to Camp 1 4,950m/16,250ft

Rest day


Climb to Camp 1

DAY 10

Carry to Camp 2 5,500m/18,000ft

DAY 11

Climb to Camp 2

DAY 12

Carry to Camp 3 'Colera Camp' 6,000m/19,700ft

DAY 13

Climb to Camp 3 'Colera Camp'

DAY 14

Summit day 6,962m/22,841ft

DAY 15 - 16

Contingency days

DAY 17

Descend to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp 4,300m/14,100ft

DAY 18

Trek to Puente del Inca and drive to Mendoza

DAY 19
Depart for home
Aconcagua Map

Departures and Pricing

Note: Dates are subject to change due to many factors out of our control
Start/End Pricing Book
29 Nov - 17 Dec 2024 $7,150 USD $ Book Now
3 Jan - 21 Jan 2025 $7,150 USD $ Book Now
24 Jan - 11 Feb 2025 $7,150 USD $ Book Now

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The need for exceptional physical fitness cannot be over-emphasised. A regular, strenuous programme must be followed for many months to achieve the level of fitness required. We suggest a programme tailored to mountaineering such as those from the Uphill Athlete.

Technical Experience

Each team member should have knowledge of how to use an ice axe and crampons, be familiar with carrying a heavy pack (up to 25kg) and camping in a cold environment.

Altitude Experience

You should have prior experience climbing or trekking up to 5500m, for example Kilimanjaro, Ecuador Volcanoes, Everest Base Camp, Nepal 6000m Peaks, Elbrus.

AC Climber celebrates on the summit of South America's highest peak, Mt Aconcagua
Why Adventure Consultants?

The Adventure Consultants Aconcagua expedition provides the very best opportunity for you to climb this lofty mountain in an environment that is properly managed to give you the best chance to succeed in safety and relative comfort. You will benefit from our many years of experience on this and other high mountains across the globe and our very qualified guides will offer you an experience that is not being offered by any other expedition provider on Aconcagua.

We have refined our program over the years developing what we believe is the best acclimatisation strategy and the most appropriate climbing route with the least people on it. We have more days available than most programs that often fail due to bad weather on the only available summit day. Our climbing route traverses over the mountain making best use of the time available and allowing for a faster exit via the shorter Horcones Valley whilst giving us the opportunity to appreciate the relative remoteness of the Vacas Valley on the approach.

Unlike the majority of the operators on Aconcagua, we provide a client-focused expedition that is geared towards giving you the maximum opportunity at succeeding on this peak. Our success rate is an indication of the emphasis we place on your wellbeing and a successful outcome for you. We believe the ascent should be made in the best style possible, a philosophy that has seen us help our expedition members achieve many successful ascents and promoted our reputation in the arena of high altitude expedition guiding.

Climbers on scree slope on Aconcagua

The price of your trip includes the following:

  • Professional, qualified guides
  • 5* accommodation in Mendoza 
  • High-end Base Camp and mountain camps
  • Excellent food and catering
  • Expert logistics
  • Porter support for all group equipment and waste 
  • Comprehensive support from our New Zealand office team.
Climbers celebrate summit Aconcagua

To reach the summit of Aconcagua is a milestone in your high altitude climbing pathway.

Tents in the evening light at Plaza de Mulas Base Camp

With Adventure Consultants you can enjoy the quality of the camps and provisions on this challenging but fun expedition.

A spectacular rocky rest stop on Aconcagua

Aconcagua, being the highest mountain outside the Himalaya, is not an easy peak, but who wants easy?

Our Team
Ang Dorjee Sherpa
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Regular Aconcagua Expedition Leader
Popi Spagnuoli
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Regular Aconcagua Expedition Leader
Pablo Gurrieri
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Regular Aconcagua Expedition Leader
Trekkers on way to Plaza Argentina Base Camp, Aconcagua

"Except for getting us to the summit in a splendid way, the most important thing for me was the way I learned to live in the moment. I will carry that with me for a long time. I learned so much about life and about myself, it went far beyond just reaching the summit. I am very grateful to our guides for that!"

Mattias Larsson, Sweden
A team of climbers make their way to Camp Colera also known as Camp 3 on their summit bid of Mount Aconcagua.

"The guides were a lot of fun but totally dedicated, professional, passionate about the mountains and highly skilled. When things got difficult and hard they provided all the help needed and were totally devoted to our welfare and safety. I cannot speak highly enough of them."

Greg Glossop, New Zealand
Climbers encounter snow as they carry loads to Camp 1 from Plaza Argentina Base Camp, Aconcagua.

"Our guides were absolutely amazing. Not only did they have great experience. They also had great understanding of group dynamics and how to take care and form a team. Our guides worked very well together making this trip a fantastic adventure."

Emma Svensson, Sweden
Denali in Alaska

Continue on the Seven Summits pathway with climbs of Mount Vinson and Denali 'the high one' as the next step.

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