Everest Fast Track

Climber close to the summit of Mt Everest
Dawn with Mt Everest behind
Sherpas and climber on summit Everest

Ever since the days of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary first setting foot upon the highest peak in the world, Everest has remained the ultimate high altitude mountaineering adventure. In the decades following that pioneering era, science and technology have advanced radically and techniques have developed to allow our bodies to pre-acclimatise prior to arriving in Nepal, giving rise to our Everest Fast Track program.

It is still a committing undertaking and as such requires as much determination and dedication as our standard schedule, but with some pre-acclimatisation, our Fast Track programme summits in 40 days instead of the traditional 63.

As pioneers of guided ascents on Everest, Adventure Consultants is recognised as the premier guiding service with a superb reputation for enabling members of our expeditions to achieve summit aspirations. If you are serious about achieving the top and feel you have the right ingredients and experience, we invite you to apply for a position on our team in 2025, on what will be our twenty-ninth Everest expedition.

For those climbers who wish to maximise their time and are able to pre-acclimatise prior to arriving in Nepal with a system such as Hypoxico, or on other peaks to at least 5,500m/18,000ft, we are able to offer an accelerated Everest expedition schedule with our Fast Track programme, allowing you to reduce the itinerary to 40 days.

Our ascent strategy is to fly by helicopter to Pheriche Village at 4,270m/14,009ft, where we stay for two nights. We then quickly move through to camp at higher elevations, first at Lobuche Base Camp (4,800m/15,750ft) for a further two nights, then up to Low Camp at 5,200m/17,000ft. We will climb high and sleep low from this camp, then climb to sleep at 5,600m/18,400ft for one night. The following day, we will climb to the summit Lobuche East (6,119m/20,075ft) and descend to Base Camp. This program enables a solid reinforcement of your prior acclimatisation and enables us to eliminate one rotation on Everest. Moving on to Everest Base Camp, we do one rotation to Camp 3 at 7,400m/23,700ft and then we are ready to commit to the summit phase of the expedition.

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  • Climb Everest in 40 days!
  • Climb with the pioneers of Everest guiding
  • 1:1 Sherpa-to-Climber ratio on summit day and 1:4 ratio of qualified Western Guides
  • No other operator offers so much in the way of resources and personnel to help you achieve success!
  • High flow oxygen package for all team members

Climbing Ability

Climbing Ability







40 days




Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal

Fly by helicopter to Pheriche 4,270m/14,009ft

Rest day in Pheriche and acclimatisation hike

Trek to Lobuche Base Camp 4,800m/15,750ft

Rest day and preparations

Climb to Low Camp 5,200m/17,000ft


Climb towards Lobuche High Camp, return to Low Camp


Move to Lobuche High Camp 5,600m/18,400ft


Summit Lobuche East 6,119m/20,075ft. Return to Lobuche Base Camp

DAY 10

Trek to Everest Base Camp 5,300m/17,400ft

DAY 11 - 14

Rest and preparation at Everest Base Camp

DAY 15 - 22

Acclimatisation climbing rotation on Everest

DAY 23 - 27

Rest Period

DAY 28 -38

Summit Climb Period

DAY 39

Fly by helicopter from Base Camp to Kathmandu

DAY 40

Depart Kathmandu


Actual ascent dates may be less or more than this itinerary subject to factors such as weather conditions, climber adaptation to higher altitudes, rope fixing schedules and so on. There is potential in an ideal season for the trip to be completed in 40 days as in the itinerary above.

Interactive Map of Mount Everest Climb

Departures and Pricing

Note: Dates are subject to change due to many factors out of our control
Start/End Pricing Book
22 Apr - 31 May 2025 $97,200 USD $ Book Now

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The need for exceptional physical fitness cannot be over-emphasised. A regular, strenuous programme must be followed for many months to achieve the level of fitness required. We recommend a training programme tailored to mountaineering such as those from Uphill Athlete. You need pre-acclimatise prior to arriving in Nepal with a system such as Hypoxico.

Technical Experience

You must be able to efficiently climb ice, snow and rock terrain, multiple days in a row. Climbers will ideally have a broad set of climbing skills from basic rock climbing to advanced cramponing on snow and ice and strong rope skills such as rappelling and rope ascending. You should be comfortable with camp craft and self-care at high altitude.

Altitude Experience

Prior ascents of multiple 6000-7000m peaks are required (such as Denali, Aconcagua, Peak Lenin, 6000m peaks in Nepal, or the Ecuador Volcanoes) and a prior ascent of an 8000m peak, such as Cho Oyu, is strongly recommended. This will allow you to fine-tune your skills and equipment and discover how you personally cope with extreme altitude.

Climber approaching the Hillary step high on Mt Everest
Why Adventure Consultants?

When you climb Everest with Adventure Consultants you'll join a small team of companionable people who are focused on reaching the summit in good style with the highest level of support and safety standards possible. You'll enjoy the best standards of food and equipment that are attainable - not just at Base Camp, but where it counts the most; on the mountain.

Our methodology and tactical approach to climbing Mount Everest has seen us achieve the highest success rates and our extensive experience gives us the edge when it comes to the big decisions. We provide a consistently higher Sherpa and Guide ratio than any other operator, resulting in more support and backup for your summit attempt and therefore a greater safety margin and chance of success.

In the interests of giving you the most optimal chance to summit, we limit our team size to ensure the team summits on the best weather day; sometimes there is only one summit day! Large teams offering cheap climbs often miss out as they split their groups over several potential summit days.

Our guides are seasoned professionals certified by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) to ensure your safety throughout the expedition.

Our experienced Sherpa team is enthusiastic, motivated, and regarded as the strongest and most cohesive group of Sherpas on Mount Everest. They have dozens of Everest summits between them.

At Camp 1 looking up the Western Cwm on Mount Everest
Highest Level of Resourcing

You'll benefit from a higher flow of oxygen than other expeditions (sleeping on 1l/min and climbing on 4l/min), maximizing safety and success. Your overnight gear will be carried between camps, meaning you only carry what you need for the day.

We provide a dedicated Base Camp doctor - proven to make a crucial contribution to our success rate and the well-being of the team members. Our Base Camp Manager ensures the smooth running of the expedition.

Our Expedition Chef and cooks are regarded as the best in the business, providing wholesome and appetising meals with a range of menus to suit all your food requirements. Meals on the mountain are also of the highest standard and designed to sustain you for the rigours of the ascent. For those with specific needs, we can cater to special dietary requirements.

For three decades we have been at the forefront of providing the most current communications systems for our expeditions. These deliver comprehensive weather forecasts from our Swiss meteorologists which enable us to plan our ascent around favourable weather. Additional meteorological interpretation provided by veteran Everest guides through our head office in New Zealand helps manage the decision-making process. Our Wi-Fi data connection allows you to keep in touch throughout the expedition from the comfort of your tent or our Base Camp lounge.

The comfortable Base Camp environment and the quality of food is legendary. On the mountain, our camps are comfortable but not excessive - eliminating unnecessary additional loads to be carried through the icefall.

Crossing a ladder in the Khumbu icefall on Mt Everest

This is an inclusive cost and covers the following:

  • 1:4 Western Guide ratio and 1:1 Sherpa to climber ratio on Everest summit day
  • High flow rate bottled oxygen
  • Personal equipment carried on the mountain
  • Nepalese government royalty fees
  • All expedition organisational requirements
  • All climbing and trekking permits
  • Helicopter air transport in Nepal
  • All team equipment
  • All expedition staff including Sherpa support
  • All food whilst away from Kathmandu
  • All supplies necessary to make a safe and strong bid for the summit
  • Medical services from our Expedition Base Camp Doctor
  • Base Camp Wi-Fi (fair-use policy applies) and satellite phone facilities
  • Internet dispatch page that is updated daily by guides and Base Camp staff, and semi-hourly on summit day
  • dZi Foundation support for their “revitalize a village” programme – likely to include support for a Nepalese child’s education for a year.
High on the Lhotse face Mt Everest on Fast Track program

Ascending Mt Everest is one of life's most powerful experiences, as long as you do it in fine style.

Guide and climber about to depart base camp for the summit

The choice of guide is one of the most important decisions an Everest climber will make.

Climber high on the South-East ridge of Mt Everest summit day

High-quality and experienced guides is not a standard within the industry, but with Adventure Consultants it is the foundation of our operation.

Our Guides
Rob Smith
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Expedition Leader
Ang Dorjee Sherpa
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Expedition Guide
Kimberly Reichle
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Base Camp Manager
Meet our Guides
Climber in orange suit climbing the yellow band on the Lhotse face of Mt Everest
Successful Summits - 1990 to present

Numerous climbers have achieved the remarkable feat of summiting Mount Everest with Adventure Consultants. Guided by the expertise of the company's seasoned guides, these individuals showcase a diverse array of stories marked by determination and triumph. United by the shared goal of conquering the world's highest peak, they exemplify the spirit of adventure and the resilience inherent in human pursuit of extraordinary achievements. The success of these climbers with Adventure Consultants underscores the company's legacy in facilitating remarkable ascents.

Guide waiting for group on South col Mt Everest

"Would simply say to other climbers if they want the best possible experience go with Adventure Consultants. I can honestly say I think about the whole Everest experience every day of my life and reminisce what an incredible trip it was and how lucky I was to share it with such wonderful people. As Guy says, keep doing it AC style."

Dominika Degelo, Switzerland
Climber and guide in the shade

"Maximisation of chance to get to the top would be the main reason I would recommend Adventure Consultants. Small group numbers and flexibility. Detailed dispatches were greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and never once felt fear or apprehension. Looking forward to climbing with AC again."

Paul Hameister, Australia
Ang Dorjee Sherpa at Everest Base Camp

"AC Guide Ang Dorjee Sherpa is a true legend of Everest! Extremely caring, super strong, and knows everything about Everest and the Himalayas. Do not miss out on asking him anything you ever wanted to know. Listening to his stories at base camp is already worth the trip. Ang Dorjee is great fun, highly experienced, and he will get you anywhere and back down again. Summited Everest with him in 2019 and would do so again any time!"

Roman Tschupp, Switzerland
Skier tow sleds across the vast expanse of interior Antarctica to the South Pole.

The Explorer's Grand Slam awaits! Join the exclusive club of explorer's that have climbed the Seven Summits and skied to both the North and South Poles!

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