AC and Alaska Structures

When it comes to climbing Mount Everest, it takes a person with a huge amount of dedication, determination, and a great team supporting them, each step of the way. Adventure Consultants pioneered Everest expedition guiding, and since 1991 has assisted hundreds of mountain climbers reach their dreams of standing on top of the world.

A great deal of effort is placed on logistical preparation to provide clients with an unmatched level of support and luxury accommodations. Adventure Consultants’ Everest Base Camp facilities include a number of structures. Clients enjoy their own personal large tent, complete with a camp bed, chair and carpet. An Alaska Structures communications structure provides up to date weather forecasts and serves as the world’s highest command center (17,500 feet elevation), used to coordinate all of Adventure Consultants’ Mt. Everest climbing operations. The kitchen and dining hall, an engineered fabric building from Alaska Structures, provide clients with a large space for recreation, relaxation, and enjoying wholesome and appetizing meals prepared by chefs.