Geshi Nuru Sherpa

Trekking Sherpa
Geshi with PB and Namgel SL

Known for his strong English skills and wide medical knowledge, Geshi Nuru is a well-liked and invaluable member of any Khumbu trekking team.

Originally from Khunde in the Khumbu Valley, Geshi Nuru has quickly proved his worth on our Himalayan treks, progressing from Trekking Sherpa to Trekking Sirdar.

Having long worked as a medical assistant in the Khunde Hospital founded by Sir Edmund Hillary in the 1960s, Geshi Nuru brings his medical knowledge with him in the transition to Trekking Sherpa, a valuable resource on any Himalayan trip. His excellent English combined with a keen knowledge of his native Khumbu Valley allow a fascinating interpretation of the local area for visiting trekkers.

Now living with his family in Kathmandu, Geshi Nuru is a natural leader and an asset to any trekking team.