Denali Low Ratio Departure

Climbers on the lower reaches of Denali in Alaska
A team pulls sleds on the lower Kahiltna Glacier, Denali.
A climber descending from high camp on Denali along a snow capped ridge.

Denali, previously also known as Mount McKinley, means 'The High One' in the local Koyukon language and is situated in the Alaska Range 627km/390 miles from the Arctic Circle.

Our 'Low Ratio' departures offer a low guide-to-client ratio of 1:2, with a maximum group size of 6:3. This optimises your chances of summiting the highest peak in North America with increased efficiency, flexibility and safety.

Denali is a serious undertaking, and our Low Ratio option is suited to those people looking to optimise their chances of summiting by joining a small team committed to achieving their goal. Our North American based guides have extensive guiding experience on Denali and other high peaks around the world, making this an ideal expedition for those wishing to learn the essentials of high altitude mountaineering with the assurance of qualified leadership.

By reducing the guide-to-client ratio to 1:2 (with a maximum team size of 3:6) we create a smaller team, which on the mountain equates to increased efficiency, flexibility and safety and therefore higher chance of summit success. For experienced and adventurous backcountry skiers we are running a Ski Approach option, please contact us for further details on this expedition. We also offer a separate 1:3 'Standard' ratio and a Denali Prep Course for those wishing to hone their skills before taking on the expedition.

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  • North America’s highest peak and one of the Seven Summits
  • 1:2 guide to client ratio
  • Enjoy spectacular high-altitude climbing

Expedition Level

Expedition Level







25 days



Alaska, USA


Travel to Anchorage


Team meeting and briefing


Travel to Talkeetna and fly to the glacier, establish Base Camp


Single carry to Camp 1 2,300m/7,800ft


Haul loads up to Kahiltna Pass to cache 3,000m/9,800ft


Move to Camp 2 3,400m/11,200ft


Back-carry day


Haul loads around Windy Corner 4,000m/13,100ft


Move to Camp 3 4,350m/14,200ft

DAY 10

Back-carry day

DAY 11

Climb up the headwall to the ridge

DAY 12

Rest day

DAY 13

Move to High Camp 5,250m/17,200ft

DAY 14

Rest day

DAY 15

Summit day 6,190m/20,308ft

DAY 16


DAY 17


DAY 18 - 23

Contingency days

DAY 24

Return to Anchorage

DAY 25

Trip ends – depart for home

3D Map of Denali

Departures and Pricing

Note: Dates are subject to change due to many factors out of our control
Start/End Pricing Book
3 May - 27 May 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
7 May - 31 May 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
11 May - 4 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
15 May - 8 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
19 May - 12 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
23 May - 16 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
27 May - 20 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
31 May - 24 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
4 Jun - 28 Jun 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
8 Jun - 2 Jul 2025 $12,200 USD $
12 Jun - 6 Jul 2025 $12,200 USD $
14 Jun - 8 Jul 2025 $12,200 USD $
16 Jun - 10 Jul 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now
18 Jun - 12 Jul 2025 $12,200 USD $ Book Now

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The need for exceptional physical fitness cannot be over-emphasised. A regular, strenuous programme must be followed for many months to achieve the level of fitness required. We suggest a programme tailored to mountaineering such as those from Uphill Athlete. Keep in mind that Denali requires you to manage about 62 kg/135 lb of personal gear, group equipment, and food, which are all split between your pack and a sled that you will be hauling. There are no porters available on Denali so you must be able to move your own loads up and down the mountain. Training with a heavy pack and sled will be essential to a successful expedition.

Technical Experience

Prospective team members should have spent multiple nights camping in the backcountry under winter conditions. Denali should not be your first multi-day winter climbing experience. Climbers should have experience travelling on a rope team in a glaciated environment, experience with the use of crampons and ice axe on steep snow and ice slopes, and crevasse rescue knowledge. You should also have previous experience on glaciated peaks such as Mt Rainier, Mont Blanc, Mt Aspiring and the Ecuador Volcanoes, and at high altitude eg. 6,000m peaks in Nepal, Aconcagua.

Altitude Experience

Climbers should have previous experience climbing at high altitude, e.g. the Ecuador Volcanoes, 6000m peaks in Nepal and/or Aconcagua. In our experience, Aconcagua is good preparation for Denali - the expedition duration is similar, and you experience life at close to 7,000m.

A team stop to rest while hauling sleds on the Kahiltna Glacier.
Why Adventure Consultants

Adventure Consultants is renowned for the quality of its service and strategy applied to high altitude expedition climbing. Our reputation is attributed to meticulous planning and experienced logistics coordination. We have a philosophy of investing in every expedition to offer our climbers the best possible chance of success.

We employ strong and specialised expedition leaders and support staff, who are some of the most pre-eminent in the industry. We pride ourselves on operating with small teams, the best back-up and support available. This includes nutritious and ample quantities of food, comfortable base camp facilities, reliable communications systems and the necessary medical back up.

Many of our expedition members come to us because they have seen us in action on a previous trip and decide to opt for our level of service and proven experience. Others return because they know we do our very best to make expeditions safe and successful.

Climbers descedning ridge on Denali

The price of your trip includes the following:

  • Mountain guides at maximum 1:2 ratio
  • All expedition organisational requirements
  • Return transport between Talkeetna from Anchorage
  • Round-trip mountain flight
  • Group equipment: stoves, tents, ropes etc. and all supplies necessary to make a safe and strong bid for the summit
  • A dispatch page following the climb on the Mountain Trip website
  • Group food during the climb
  • Up to two nights (shared) accommodation at Lakefront Anchorage prior to the climb
  • Airport transfers as provided by Lakefront Anchorage
  • Uphill Athlete 24-week Mountaineering Training Program.
Successful climbers on the summit of Denali

A campaign to ascend the highest peak in North America is a worthy and rewarding goal for those who put in the effort.

Pink sun set from high on Denali

On Denali you can appreciate the scale and magnificent beauty of the terrain.

Climbers at base camp Denali

A valuable skill on Denali is experience with advanced camping know-how in cold conditions.

A camp on Denali with spectacular views to the surrounding mountains.

"Ability to deliver an extraordinary experience in our timeframe and location."

Robert and Ian Scott, USA
A rest stop while climbing Denali gives time to soak in the spectacular views and large expanse of Alaska below.

"I had an excellent time. The overall experience was awesome. I have learnt heaps of new skills and was stretched from my comfort zone. I have gained new confidence in new skills to use on future adventures."

Benjamin Barber, Australia
A team all smiles back at camp after a successful summit of Denali.

"Super knowledgeable, very well organised and prepared, highly skilled guides and you guys go pretty much everywhere!"

Matt Cooper, Australia
Everest 2019 Summit Rob Smith SL

GO BIG! An ascent of Mt Everest is one of the best adventures to be had on this planet and Adventure Consultants would welcome you to join us after your Denali ascent. You're ready!

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