South Pole - All the Way

The vast Antarctic plateau
Flags from different nations at the South Pole
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Of the ample adventures to dream of in this world, there are very few which appeal to the spirit more than an opportunity to travel unencumbered in the Antarctic continent.

This incredible journey to the southernmost point on earth involves an expedition of up to 66 mesmerising days.

An expedition of unspoiled beauty and isolation not often found in today’s world; this is a highlight trip for those with a healthy work ethic and a genuine sense of adventure! This is anything but an expedition for the lighthearted as it entails vigorous activity for a very extended period.

Once established at the edge of the Antarctic continent, we travel totally non-mechanised, with all team members hauling sledges and becoming fully immersed in the challenge.

This expedition is open to all outdoors people with experience in cold conditions and a background in climbing or backcountry skiing coupled with an ability to be a valuable team member.

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  • One of the world’s ultimate adventures
  • Choose from three route incredible options
  • Achieve a truly unique and committing objective
  • Incredible vistas to the end of the world

Polar Experience

Polar Experience







54 to 66 days





Meet in Punta Arenas, Chile

DAY 2 - 6

Preparation of food and equipment, review the route and expedition plan, weighing & loading of gear and briefings


Fly to Union Glacier, Antarctica

DAY 8 - 9

Acclimatisation and training days

DAY 10

Fly to Hercules Inlet to begin ski tour

DAY 11 - 40

Daily ski touring towards the Thiel Mountains

DAY 41 - 63

Thiel Mountains to the South Pole

DAY 64

Pick up from the South Pole, return to Union Glacier

DAY 65

Fly to Punta Arenas, Chile

DAY 66

Expedition ends, depart for home

Departures and Pricing

Note: Dates are subject to change due to many factors out of our control
Start/End Pricing Book
13 Nov - 17 Jan 2025 $89,250 USD $ Book Now
13 Nov - 11 Jan 2025 $86,100 USD $ Book Now
13 Nov - 5 Jan 2025 POA Book Now

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An essential ingredient for participants is physical fortitude for working hard in a high-altitude, cold-weather environment, hence each member must be extremely strong and healthy. Team members will haul sleds weighing (initially) around 75kg/165lb of provisions as well as both personal and group equipment. Each day will be long and arduous, and all team members must possess sufficient strength and fitness to be able to contribute to establishing camp, putting up tents, and cook meals after a hard day. This can only be achieved with considerable and focused physical preparation.

Technical Experience

Team members must be conversant in winter camping skills which includes putting up tents and camping in the snow and cooking with lightweight mountain stoves. Team members must have a full awareness of their personal parameters in extreme environments such as their food intake and hydration needs, thermo-regulation and avoidance of cold-weather-injury. Participants must have previous polar travel experience or have completed a polar travel course.

Skiing Experience

Team members must have previous polar travel experience and have completed a polar travel course.

Why Adventure Consultants?

Adventure Consultants is renowned for the quality of its service and strategy applied to high altitude expedition climbing and polar travel. Our reputation is attributed to meticulous planning and experienced logistics coordination. We have a philosophy of investing in every expedition to offer our climbers the best possible chance of success.

We employ strong and specialised Expedition leaders and support staff, whom are some of the most pre-eminent in the industry. We pride ourselves on operating with small teams, the best back-up and support available. This includes nutritious and ample quantities of food, comfortable base camp facilities, reliable communications systems and the necessary medical back up.

Many of our expedition members come to us because they have seen us in action on a previous trip and decide to opt for our level of service and proven experience. Others return because they know we do our very best to make expeditions safe and successful.

2 skiers

The price of your trip includes the following:

  • Adventure Consultants guides
  • All expedition organisation requirements
  • Transport within Antarctica where applicable
  • Food and tented accommodation ex Punta Arenas (twin share)
  • Expedition food and equipment
  • Tents, stoves, sleds & harness
  • Dedicated dispatch webpage updated throughout the trip that you can post onto your own website for friends & family to follow
  • Transport of 30kg/66lbs of personal equipment to Union Glacier.
Skier SL

By todays standards, skiing All the Way to South Pole is still a considerable achievement!

To pole SL

The days are long, the food preparations hard, the feet and shoulders are sore, and the conditions atrocious. Where do I sign up?

Sign SL

From the outset, we all yearn for the end, but when we arrive there, all we want is for the adventure to start all over again.

Antarctica 136

Adventure Consultants will help you prepare so you are absolutely ready to begin this great challenge.

Towards Branscomb from Slaughter SL

"An experience of a lifetime. Thanks!"

Ashley Heppenstall, Switzerland
Pole guy SL

"We thought AC was very organized and all the little details were dealt with. AC's staff was excellent. Overall everyone was on top of their job and made our experience unforgettable."

Scott Hawkings, Canada
Tents SL

"AC is a first class outfit. They have the right people and knowledge to give their clients the best possible experience."

Jonathan Limpert, USA
Everest 2019 Summit Rob Smith SL

The Explorer's Grand Slam awaits! Join the exclusive club of explorer's that have climbed the Seven Summits and skied to both the North and South Poles!

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