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Everest Mountain Guide Cover

Everest Mountain Guide by Guy Cotter
September 2023 - Pre-order your signed copy! Everest Mountain Guide follows the career of Guy Cotter, AC CEO and mountain guide, who has been leading guided ascents of Mt Everest since the early 1990’s. An authentic and riveting behind-the-scenes insight into what actually transpires on the mountain, the huge challenges faced by both guides and climbers, and the life and death dramas that inevitably unfold. Guy Cotter is one of the most respected and experienced Everest guides in the world. His remarkable story will appeal to anyone with a taste for adventure, and who wants to know what a high-stakes life really looks like.

All About Everest PodcastAll About Everest Podcast - Interview with Guy Cotter CEO of Adventure Consultants
August 2023 - Guy Cotter talks about how mountaineering has changed, the good and the ugly on Everest, and his book coming out in the fall: "Everest Mountain Guide: The Remarkable Story of a Kiwi Mountaineer".

Everest Scotch 2023

Nepali Times - First Scotch on the Summit of Everest by Lisa Choegyal 
June 2023 - Around 7,000 people have now reached the highest point on the planet, the top of Mt Everest since it was first scaled by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. But only one bottle of whisky has ever made it to the top, and that was on 23 May this year.


cool conversations with kenton cool

Cool Conversations - From dirt bag climber to international business owner 
December 2022 - Guy Cotter has been at the cutting edge of high-altitude guiding since the 90s. A guide on one of the very first commercial expeditions to Everest, there is little he hasn't seen in the ever-changing world of 8000m climbing.

1964 Lost Found Aspiring1964 - Lost and Found - Mount Aspiring Mystery by Dan Slater
May 2022 -  The last thing I expected to see on my way to climb a mountain was evidence of someone who had tried the same thing before me, but never made it back...

Return from Hibernation Apr 22Stuff - Kiwi Adventuring Company Climbs Mountain of Setbacks to Reopen Worldwide
April 2022 - One of the world’s leading mountain guide companies will open back up for business this year after hibernating for 18 months.

Guy Cotter Radio NZ Apr 22Radio NZ - Guy Cotter: Kiwi Mountaineering Legend on Returning to the Himalaya
April 2022 - Forced into hibernation as the Covid pandemic decimated tourism, Guy Cotter talks about bringing his global mountaineering company back! 


Manaslu A Climbers GuideExplorers Web - Manaslu: A Climber's Guide
September 2021 - Manaslu (8,163m) is the most popular 8,000m peak in the post-monsoon season, at least since China closed Cho Oyu and Shishapangma to foreigners during the pandemic.


Wanaka App Backyard BlissThe Wanaka App - Backyard Bliss: Adventure Consultants - Keeping it Local
October 2020 - Long standing international mountain guiding business Adventure Consultants has been pleasantly surprised by the number of Kiwis who have signed up for climbing expeditions and courses in New Zealand’s own backyard.

Camilla Rutherford 9797Wanaka Tourism - 5 Reasons to do an Avalanche Awareness Course
July 2020 - These days, everyone is on the hunt for the freshest lines. That’s why it’s become incredibly important to get educated before heading into the side or backcountry. So, we joined Adventure Consultants for their Avalanche Awareness Course.

Katja Seyffardt Podcast GC Part 3Guy Cotter Interview - High Alpine Film Productions Podcast Part 3
July 2020 - Katja Seyffardt interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on his extensive career managing high alpine film productions. Part 3 of a 3-part podcast.

Katja Seyffardt Podcast GC Part 2Guy Cotter Interview - When things go wrong on Everest Podcast Part 2
July 2020 - Katja Seyffardt interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on his experience of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake and the rescue and recovery that followed. Part 2 of a 3-part podcast.

Katja Seyffardt Podcast GC InterviewGuy Cotter Interview - Surviving the Extremes: Mount Everest Podcast Part 1
July 2020 - Katja Seyffardt interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on the mental mindset of high altitude mountaineering and the fortitude and resilience he has built over his 30 year climbing career. Part 1 of a 3-part podcast.

Wilderness Mag May 20Wilderness Magazine - Going Guided: First Tracks Wanaka Ski Camp
May, 2020 - If you’ve skied all the runs at your local field, you may be wondering what to do next. Wanaka-based Adventure Consultants has the answer: a two to four day ski camp at 1600m on the McKerrow Range.

The Wild PodcastThe Wild Podcast - Life & Death on Everest
29 April, 2020 - In this episode of The Wild Podcast, Guy Cotter, CEO of Adventure Consultants talks about his history in the mountains, his influences and his experiences.

Alan Arnette GC InterviewAlan Arnette - Virtual Everest 2020 Interview with Guy Cotter
12 April, 2020 - Alan Arnette interviews Guy Cotter as part of his Virtual Everest 2020 Coverage and Support the Climbing Sherpas Fundraising efforts.


Alex Pancoe Jul 19KTVN - Brain Tumor Survivor Completes Explorers Grand Slam
10 July 2019 - After less than 3 consecutive years climbing the world's tallest peaks, Northwestern graduate and brain tumor survivor, Alexander Pancoe, has successfully become the first Chicagoan and 16th American to complete the Explorer's Grand Slam.

Ang Dorjee Idaho StatesmanIdaho Statesman - This Boise man just climbed Everest for the 20th time. He's never seen it so busy
13 June 2019 - In recent weeks, crowds of climbers attempting to conquer Mount Everest have made international headlines as several people died in “traffic jams” atop the tallest peak in the world. Ang Dorjee Sherpa, a Boise resident, was there.

Guy Cotter NZ Herald May 2019NZ Herald - Kiwi Mountaineer Guy Cotter on conquering Mt Everest
1 June 2019 - Kiwi mountaineer and AC CEO Guy Cotter tells the Weekend Herald what it's like to conquer this pinnacle of human achievement - what it feels like, what it takes, and what it gives in return.

SMH No Place Like DomeSydney Morning Herald - No Place Like Dome
1 June 2019 - The Geo Dome is a captivating base for ski touring remote and pristine slopes, writes Jim Darby.

Stuff Geo Dome Kiwi Can DoStuff - New Zealand's Geo Dome heli-camp a merge of modern technology and Kiwi can-do
29 May 2019 - I'm ski touring with Guy Cotter; it's a bit like having Bruce Springsteen play in your garage band...

Traveller Geo DomeTraveller - New Zealand's Geo Dome heli-camp: A merger of modern technology and Kiwi can-do
May 2019 - Jim Darby is hosted by AC CEO Guy Cotter at New Zealand's first Geo Dome heli camp, a remote and inspired ski touring camp in the mountains above Wanaka, a merger of modern technology and Kiwi can-do.

Everest Crowding May 2019Stuff - 'Buyer Beware' for cut-price Mt Everest Expeditions
27 May 2019 - What's really the problem behind this image? AC CEO Guy Cotter weighs in on the recent media coverage around overcrowding on Everest.

Ice Ice Baby 2019Wilderness Magazine - Ice Ice Baby
20 May 2019 - What happens when a long-time tramper but novice climber heads into classic ice climbing terrain with a professional ice climbing guide? Kathy Ombler found out.

Alex Pancoe Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune - Tackling Mount Everest
20 March 2019 - Alexander Pancoe discusses the highs and lows of his personal quest to raise money for the Lurie Children's Hospital while undertaking one of the world's toughest challenges—the Explorer's Grand Slam.

Rock and Ice Paraglide Aconcagua 2019Rock & Ice - Two Climbers Paraglide From the Summit of Aconcagua
11 March 2019 - Standing on the summit of Aconcagua, AC Guides Jean-Baptiste Chandesris and Gabriel Mazur could not believe there was no wind. It was the morning of February 15, 2019. The sun was shining and everything was calm at 7,000 meters. It was not what they had expected...


Wilderness Mag 2018Wilderness Magazine - Making Mountains Accessible
November 2018 - Guy Cotter makes a living guiding people to the summits of the highest mountains in the world. Now, he tells Kathy Ombler, he wants to make New Zealand’s mountains and wild places more accessible.

Major Mountain MilestonesQT Magazine - Major Mountain Milestones
October 2018 - Wanaka company Adventure Consultants is celebrating another milestone climbing year in Nepal, with eight clients successfully summitting Mt Everest, along with 20 guides and Sherpas.

Stuff First Tracks 2018Stuff - First Tracks Wanaka Alpine Heli Camp Ski Touring
October 2018 - Jim Darby visits First Tracks Wanaka Alpine Heli Camp, built for ski tourers in the winter and bushwalkers in the summer, the camp is in the McKerrow Range, well above the snowline at about 1600 metres.

Snow place like domeThe Sun Herald - Snow place like dome
September 2018 - They organise Himalayan base camps and expeditions, so surely it wouldn't be too difficult for Everest veteran Guy Cotter, his partner Suze Kelly (she has also climbed that peak) and their team at Adventure Consultants to make a camp in the alps above Wanaka.

Space Camp 2018Space Camp - Contours & Coffee
September 2018 - A visit to Adventure Consultants‘ new alpine heli camp high in the mountains of Wanaka’s Southern Alps will give you the opportunity to experience space in every definition of the word.

JE8A7473AC Blog - Welcome to the Geo Dome
September 2018 - Sitting snug into the mountainside of the McKerrow Range, near Wanaka, you’ll find New Zealand’s newest alpine experience, the First Tracks Wanaka Geo Dome Heli Camp.

Miss Snowitall - Camp in an 'igloo' and ski tour New Zealand's Backcountry
September 2018 - First Tracks Wanaka is pleased to announce that the Geo Dome Heli Camp has been set up in the McKerrow Range.

Wilderness Mag Guy Cotter Article July 2018Wilderness Magazine - Record Breaking Season on Everest
July 2018 - Kathy Ombler talks to Guy Cotter about the record breaking 2018 series and how budget Everest operators are cashing in on the world’s highest climb, but at a huge risk.  

NZ Adventure 2018 CoverNZ Adventure Magazine - Defining Failure by Guy Cotter
July 2018 - If you're going to be a mountaineer you've got to make peace with the fact that you're going to be a failure, repeatedly...

Gary Ervin Everest GleanerErvin Shares his 2 Month Journey up Everest
July 8, 2018 - Union County's very own Gary Ervin completed his mission to reach the highest spot in the world on May 19 as he completed his summit on Mt. Everest. Ervin sat down with me to tell about his journey up the mountain.

Climbing the Hillary StepEverest, Lhotse & Nuptse - Going for the Triple Crown
Have you seen a lightning storm form underneath you? Have you seen satellites at night, not above you but at eye level? Have you seen the sun rise on the vast landscape on your left, but total darkness on your right as that part of the world sleeps away? Have you seen the curve of the earth because you are so high up?
James Perry BCNST - Baked Goods & Wifi Bring Everest Closer to Home
24 May 2018 - Everest Base Camp: Wi-Fi, baked goods and trendy coffee: gone are the days of deprivation at Everest base camp, with hipster perks and modern conveniences ensuring life is cushier than ever on the roof of the world.
Steve M by GuyThe Mighty Goods - Ice Climbers Packing Tips
30 April 2018 - AC Guide Steve Moffat, along with 5 other ice climbing professionals discuss their best tips for making packing for ice climbing a little less daunting.


CaptureThe Denver Channel - Colorado Woman on Top of the World
23 June 2017 - Sometimes the biggest accomplishments in life happen by chance. For 45-year-old Wendy Gustin, of Golden, it was a bad break in her career that led to her standing atop the world.
Newcastle Herald Leah Jay Everest 2017Newcastle Herald - Leah Jay climbs Everest
23 May 2017 - Australian businesswoman Leah Jay has reached the summit of Everest in memory of her son who died in 2008 after a battle with Motor Neuron Disease.

Only Two for EverestStuff NZ - The 'bitter dispute' that led to knocking off Everest
22 April 2017 - In 1951, four New Zealanders headed to the Himalaya to climb. Their primary objective was a previously unclimbed mountain called Mukut Parbat, Guy Cotter's father Ed Cotter was one of them.

Alan Arnette 2017 Interview with GuyAlan Arnette Blog Fixing Everest
Alan Arnette interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on the state of commercial guiding on Everest, and his recent article on 'Fixing Everest'.


Climber Issue 97 2016The Climber Magazine - Sustainable Development in Mountain Guiding
Spring 2016 - AC CEO Guy Cotter shares his views on the state of the global mountain tourism industry at the Sustainable Summits Conference.
Stuff Aug 2016 Hillary Step Mike Roberts 125x150Stuff NZ - Changes to the Hillary Step on Everest
19 August 2016 - Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition Leader Mike Roberts discusses changes he saw to the Hillary Step this year following the 2015 Nepal earthquakes.
Adventure Mag Dan Slater Aspiring Photo Thomas Villatet July 2016 125x150Adventure Magazine - Mount Aspiring
August 2016 - Dan Slater takes us on a climb of Mt Aspiring, with his story in Adventure Magazine featuring the stunning photos of AC guide and photographer Thomas Vialletet.

OUAE Mont Blanc Aug 2016 Cover 113x150Outdoor UAE - Mesmerising Mont Blanc
August 2016 - Cynthia Salame and husband Samer Hajjah recently joined Adventure Consultants on an ascent of Mont Blanc, and she writes about her experience for Outdoor UAE Magazine.
Stuff May 2016 Everest Summit 125x150Stuff NZ - AC Everest Team Successfully Summit
19 May 2016 - Wanaka expedition leader Mike Roberts, of Adventure Consultants, successfully guided a team of 21 climbers to the top of Mt Everest.
action asia may june 2016 Guy Cotter Interview 125x150Action Asia article on Guy Cotter - Jan 2016
We recently caught up with Guy Cotter of expedition guides, Adventure Consultants, and asked about his involvement with the movie 'Everest' and the rebuilding of Nepal post-earthquake.


Mens Health Oct 15 Guy Cotter 125x150Men's Health Oct 2015 Peak Performance
It's a razor-thin line between life and death on Everest. After facing his own tragedy on the mountain, Guy Cotter emerged a more capable man. Use his lessons to scale your own heights. By Aaron Scott.
Huff Post Everest Movie Interview with Guy 125x150Guy Cotter talks about the Everest movie to Huffington Post
Ellis Brigham Blog Guy Cotter July 2015 125x150Guy Cotter Discusses All Things Everest
July 7, 2015 - Ellis Brigham's blog recounts events on Everest in 1996, the New Everest movie and Everest 2015 with Adventure Consultants CEO Guy Cotter.
Loraine Huber The Schooling June 2015 125x150The Schooling
June 17, 2015 - Insights to the world of ski mountaineering from professional freeride skier Lorraine Huber who recently joined Adventure Consultant's Alpine Expedition Course with guide Jono Gillan.
Explorers Web Blog Suze Kelly June 2015Explorers Web Interview with Suze Kelly Everest Earthquake Debrief
June 11, 2015 - Suze Kelly "It was like walking in to the scene from a plane crash"...
Stuff June 2015Southland Times - AC Vows to return to Earthquake stricken Nepal
June 8, 2015 - A Wanaka guiding company has vowed to return to Nepal in September and is encouraging adventurers not to turn away from the earthquake-stricken nation and its people.
The Daily Mail - Sam Worthington scales new heights in chilling movie Everest
June 5, 2015 - He is known for intense roles, having portrayed paralysed renegade Marine veteran Jake Sully in Avatar...The British-born star, 38, plays New Zealand climbing expert Guy Cotter...
The Snows of Aoraki
April 2015 Issue - Dan Slater of Climb Magazine (UK) tells his story about a 10-day alpine climbing course with renowned Wanaka-based company Adventure Consultants.
The Climber - How the Other Half Lives
Issue 90 Summer 2014/15 - Nic Learmonth - Self proclaimed rock rat, enters the world of mountaineering on Adventure Consultants Mountaineering Introduction Course to see what all the hype is about...


Wanaka Mountaineer Mixing with Stars
14 Nov 2014 - The Otago Daily Times shares a little about the upcoming Universal Pictures 3-D film recounting Everest 1996 where Avatar's Sam Worthington plays Guy Cotter.
Outer Edge - My Own Private Glacier
Oct 2014 - A great blog from Jonathan Moody who recently joined us for our Alpine Expedition Course
AG Outdoor Magazine - Aspiring to Greatness
Oct 2014 - Brendon Hill from joined us for a Mount Aspiring Course and's his story.
Great Walks - Climbing Mont Blanc for Brain Injury Awareness
Sep 2014 - A great story about an AC Charity Climb of Mont Blanc
Queenstown Life - Adventure Consultants
Aug 2014 - Queenstown life captures the inner workings of Adventure Consultants and shares a bit of our history with their readers.
Wilderness Magazine - A New World of Verticality
Jun 2014After years of tramping, Dan Slater decided to learn the ropes – in every sense of the word – by getting above the snowline.
An Introduction...The Southern Alps
Zack Wasson describes his backcountry skiing trip with us..."What a trip it was, our first introduction to the Southern Alps. Needless to say, our tickets are booked again for this August. Let it Snow!"
Mining Life and Living, Issue 4 - Frozen Playground
Christie Prior shares her experience on an AC Mountaineering Instruction Course.
The Optimum Layering System?
Guy Cotter gives us his thoughts on the matter...
Radio New Zealand - Break on Everest Climbs May Allow for Better Planning
May 2014 - Interview with AC Director Guy Cotter
National Geographic Daily News - Climbing Finished for Season on Everest after Deadly Avalanche?
May 2014 - Mark Jenkins interviews AC Director Guy Cotter.
Great Walks - The Only Way is Up
April/May 2014 - Great Walks goes from the horizontal to the vertical while attending AC's Alpine Climbing Course in NZ's South Island.



Outdoor Fitness - Mountains Made Easy
Can you go from armchair alpinist to 4,000-metre summiteer in under a week? Or is that too much of a climb? Damian Hall joined us last September for the Mont Blanc Course and Ascent. Check out his article which appeared in the June 2013 Issue of Outdoor Fitness
60 Minutes - Everest ER
17 June, 2013 - Join Michael Usher 5500 metres above sea level at Everest Base Camp where mountaineers launch their quest for the summit.
Huffington Post - Watching the Sun Rise on the Summit of Mt Everest
10 June, 2013 - AC 2013 Everest Expedition member, Cason Crane, blogs about his reasons for climbing Everest and the world's Seven Summits.
Polygon - Dean Hall on the Roof of the World: How Illness Persuaded the Creator of Dayz to Climb Mt Everest
7 June 2013 - Great article by Dave Tach about AC Everest 2013 team member Dean Hall and what led him to his goal of climbing the world's highest mountain.
TVONE Breakfast - Summit Ladder a Step Too Far
29 May, 2013 - TVOne's Breakfast featured an interview of AC's Guy Cotter to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Hillary's summit of Everest and to get his views on the proposed ladder on the Hillary Step.
TV3 - 60 Years on, New Zealander's Still Climbing Everest
27 May, 2013 - TV3 News interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter from Namche, Nepal while on his way back to Kathmandu from Everest/Lhotse.
New Zealand Herald - Record Breaking Glory on Mt Everest
22 May 2013 - AC Lead Everest Guide, Dean Staples', reached the summit of the world's highest peak for the ninth time this May, a record number of ascents for a kiwi.
Otago Daily Times - Meeting with Famous Climber
21 May, 2013 - Wanaka climber and Adventure Consultants director Guy Cotter was on a high before he even left Everest Base Camp last week after meeting one of his idols, Reinhold Messner, who is considered by many to be the greatest climber in history...
Otago Daily Times - Father-Son Everest Trip
28 April, 2013 - Hall is one of eight people from around the globe making the ascent as part of the Adventure Consultants expedition from Wanaka. His father, Otago Regional Council emergency management co-ordinator Graeme Hall, travelled with him as far as Base Camp and returned to Dunedin this week after seeing his son off on his perilous trek...
Otago Daily Times - Wanaka-Hawea Climbers on Top of Everest
5 January, 2013 - 6 AC guides profiled as the highest number of Everest ascents outside of Nepal concentrated in one town, per capita!


Wilderness Magazine - View from the Top
Kiwi climber Peter Cammell writes of his experience climbing Everest in 2012 with Adventure Consultants.
Utah Adventure Journal - Guy Cotter, A Life of Climbing
February 2012 

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Feb 01, 2024
Our Southern Summer draws to a close with a private fast track ascent of South America's highest peak, Aconcagua (6,962m/22,841ft).