Complete the World's most epic mountaineering challenge

Explorer's Grand Slam

Looking to undertake the world's ultimate mountaineering challenge? Look no further than the Explorer's Grand Slam, an exacting combo of climbing the Seven Summits and reaching the North and South Poles. Whether you'd like to tick off the Grand Slam challenge over a number of years or have your eyes on breaking a current world record, Adventure Consultants can set you on the right track and take you there!

As pioneers of guided Seven Summits expeditions, Adventure Consultants has the experience, the logistics and the know-how to see your dreams to fruition. With our organisational support and team of world-class mountain and polar expedition guides you too can become one of less than 100 people in the world to ever have completed the Explorer's Grand Slam!

Contact us for your personalised Explorer's Grand Slam program and quote. We offer a range of services that allow you to customise your expeditions, from pre-program support such as mountaineering instruction and fitness training and coaching, through to on-mountain services such as film and photography, personal Sherpa support and luxury options. Our team has assisted a number of successful explorers complete the Grand Slam in the past, many of whom do so while raising money for charity, including Masha Gordon and Colin O'Brady, and most recently Alexander Pancoe

63 days | 8850m
40 days | 8850m
19 days | 6962m
12 or 14 days | 5642m
11 days | 4884m
16 or 17 days | 4892m
9 or 13 days | 5895m
14 days | 5895m
54 to 66 days | 2835m
4 to 10 days | 2000m